A little bit about our company and its employees.

Carolina Pool Services And Supplies was formed in 2008. The company started out just cleaning and maintaining pools, however opportunities for other ventures in the pool industry started to rise. We became factory trained with multiple manufacturers and slowly worked our way into pool renovations, pool automation, leak detection’s and pool inspections. We now do everything but the build! We continue to better our company and employees by taking multiple education classes per year direct from the manufacturers. We are also constantly keeping up with industry standards and technology advancements.


 Jeff Crowley, President   

A Charlotte native, Jeff has owned and operated successful service companies since 1998 before finding his niche in the swimming pool industry in 2008. Jeff brings his family values and core beliefs into his work with an emphasis on giving each customer the respect and service they deserve from Carolina Pool Services And Supplies.

 J’uan Benjamin, Maintenance and Service Technician

J’uan was born in New Haven Connecticut and moved to Charlotte 20 years ago. He has been with the company 2 years now and helps out with all aspects of the business from pool cleanings to pool renovations.


Jessika Ratcliffe, Office Manager14610902_10210601118405372_5533054702526876134_n

Jessika has been working for Carolina Pool Services since 2015. She loves her job and all of our customers. With a smile on her face Jessika is always there to solve all problems with experience and efficiency.