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The Importance of Disinfection and Pool Safety

Foot shaped swimming pool
One of the most important part of our pool technician’s job is to ensure the safety of our customer’s pools. It is extremely important to make sure there is adequate disinfection to prevent disease and to provide safe pool water.

There are many health concerns that arise from swimming pool that are not properly maintained. Common parasites are found from pool water that is not maintained probably. More serious diseases can also manifest such as Hepatitis A, Norwalk Virus, Shigellosis , Cryptosporidiosis, Dysentery, Streptococcal, Sore Throat/ Sinusitis, Legionnaires Disease, Typhoid Fever, Conjunctivitis, Ear /Urinary Tract Infections, Staph Infections, Granuloma, Impetigo / Dermatitis, Folliculitis, etc.

For health and aesthetic reasons is very important to have a swimming pool that is well maintained. Disinfection and proper pool maintenance destroys many of these contaminants and helps keep the pool safe for all swimmers.

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