Upcoming Events. This information is essential in helping us provide for your child promptly and efficiently during an emergency. The civil and constitutional rights of students with disabilities will be protected. A resource list of available drug and alcohol counseling programs may be obtained in the school office. Our number one goal is safety while also promoting a positive learning environment where all students feel safe and secure. all children deserve a quality education in a safe, positive and engaging environment. We believe that support from home is critical to student academic success. 2022-2023 Program of Study - 9th Grade Academy, 2022-2023 Program of Study - 10th & 11th Grade. If you feel your child is struggling with homework, contact the homeroom teacher. The room mothers will ask for volunteers to send something to the party. No phone calls, faxes, nor emails will be accepted. allison.hnatyshyn@stpsb.org, Lindsey Hernandez All students must have proper paper work on file prior to attend child care. Participation in one nightly event per semester will be required of those students participating in band or chorus. Principal. Instant messages may be sent to you directly from the school system in the form of text messages and/or e-mail. Learn More Programs and Activities Check out some of the different ways our students are engaged. To stay current on the official weather alerts effecting schools, sign up for Emergency & News Alerts on the School Board website, www.stpsb.org. Identification will be required. Fever: ANY CHILD WITH A TEMPERATURE OF 100.4 DEGREES OR MORE WILL BE SENT HOME. Students may not write on, draw on, or deface the ID card in any fashion. Making Great Choices. YOU WILL BE CONTACTED TO PICK UP A SICK CHILD. Students will be expected to follow all school rules and behave accordingly. 2023 Expedia, Inc., an Expedia Group company. 22. Allegations of bullying will be promptly investigated, giving due regard to the need for confidentiality and the safety of the alleged victim and/or any individual(s) who report an incident(s) of bullying. We strongly encourage you to schedule medical and dental appointments, vacations, etc. No smoking is allowed on school grounds. Anyone without the DESIGNATED CAR DISPLAY given from Lancaster Elementary will need to park in the parking lot and come into the office to check out the student with proper identification. The administration will receive a written statement from the teacher and the students will be invited to a Terrific Turtle Celebration. The state of Louisiana and the St. Tammany Parish library offer homework help. Students can purchase items from our Reef Store using their tokens. Students with excessive unexcused tardies or excessive checkouts will be expected to serve detention as follows: 5 unexcused tardies per nine weeks 1 detention, 10 or more unexcused tardies per nine weeks administration discipline decision and referral to TAT intervention program. The cell phone policy includes field trips. In accordance with the school board policy, there will be no smoking on school grounds or while chaperoning on school related field trips. If you are unable to access pages or content on a webpage, please contact the webmaster. Please watch for a signal from the duty teacher before unloading. Student grades are entered in JPAMS by their teachers. It is school board policy that students are allowed to have cell phones at school and on the school bus provided the device is turned off, completely stowed away, and not in use. Allison Hnatyshyn. A parent conference with administration will be required for any student with excessive tardies, absences or earlier checkouts due to it being a loss of instructional time. If you have children in multiple schools, please complete a survey for each school using the information provided by each individual school, as surveys are school specific. Teach St. Tammany Alternative Certification, St. Tammany Early Childhood Ready Start Network. Emotional bullying includes, but is not limited to, rejecting, wronging, humiliating, diminishing personal characteristics. First offense is a warning, second offense is a detention and third is administrative decision. Our guests praise the convenient parking and the overall "Amazing for the price, with the little kitchen you have all you would ever need! Student Registration- Grades Pre K-12 Current STPPS students do not have to register again for the 2023-2024 school year unless transferring to a different school in a different attendance zone due to moving. Log In. For the safety and security of all students please respect this rule. Please notify the school immediately if you have ANY CHANGES including phone numbers, addresses, contact names or any changes in after school care arrangements. East Carroll Parish School Board / Homepage. RELEASE OF CHILDREN FROM AFTERCARE:Children will arrive directly to the aftercare program from their classrooms. 5 minutes from the city center of Aix les Bains on the Revard road close to all amenities and close to outdoor activities (Lake, hiking, biking, sk. The Release of Student Information Consent Forms are for students who newly register. BIRTHDAY TREATS: Individual serving items such as store/bakery purchased cupcakes or cookies may be sent to school for birthdays and will be handed out at the teachers discretion. Please take part in our Measurable Results Assessment (MRA) survey at: https://www.leaderinme.com/s/little-oak-middle-school/families or you can scan the QR code from the letter sent home with your student. Access the informationyou need as a current employeein STPPS. Students should be ready to unload quickly when you have safely stopped the vehicle. Your cooperation is appreciated. However, a permission slip still must be returned by the deadline. Teachers will use Google Meet as their platform for posting assignments and participating in live lessons. Teachers and students use their STPSB usernames and passwords to sign on. If a student forgets their ID, a temporary ID will be issued from Student Services. May 4 2023. Prices and availability subject to change. PTA: Lancaster Elementary believes that parents are a vital link between student achievement and school success. Learn More Programs and Activities Check out some of the different ways our students are engaged. Students and employees shall be protected from sexual harassment. Cell phones may be used in the event of a life threatening emergency situation or injury only. Any student not picked up by 3:25 pm after school will be sent to aftercare and aftercare registration and drop in fees will apply. -Access educationally related support services. Please contact the school office several days prior to withdrawing the child, as this allows the staff and teachers time to complete the necessary paperwork. Lunch Visitor Policy: Due to seating capacity in the cafeteria, parents and guests are not allowed to eat with students at this time. Parents or guardians must come to the school office to make changes to the emergency card such as emergency contact information and who is allowed to check students in/out of school or pick up students in car line. Learn More Connect See the great things going on at our school and find out how to contact us. J. Children are never allowed to bring medicine of ANY kind to school. Please include cell and work phone numbers on all forms. If you have children in multiple schools, please complete a survey for each school using the information provided by each individual school, as surveys are school specific. Chorus is open to all fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students; band is open to all fifth and sixth grade students who would like to participate. Classroom Rewards: PBIS Rewards and Recognition Each teacher maintains a classroom management plan with specific rules, routines, rewards and consequences. Ample time will be given to pay any fees. Students are allowed to participate in only one: band or chorus as it is part of the students enrichment program. The car line will form within the Pine Creek Subdivision off of Hwy 22 and must loop around once inside the school to also exit back into the Pine Creek Subdivision. If a third ID has to be made, the fee increases to $10. Student Progress Center Home of the Rebels Our School Explore our policies, meet our Administrators, and more! The students shall be responsible for any damaged and/or lost textbooks and Chromebooks. Students that use this gate will be provided a yellow walkers pass. Parents/Guardians/Visitors may not take pictures of any other student except their own while on school property or during school sponsored events(Field Trips, Playgrounds, Classrooms, School events, etc.). PTA sponsors a monthly newsletter. Sep 7, 2022 - Entire guest suite for $72. Upon the recommendation for the expulsion, a hearing shall be conducted by the Superintendent or his/her designee. Many factors will decide the number of chaperones needed. Children and youth in homeless situations have the right to the following: -Enroll in school despite the lack of a permanent address or lack of school and immunization records, or birth certificates and other documents; -Attend and succeed in school no matter where they live or how long they have lived there; -Receive services comparable to those offered to non-homeless children and youth; -Get transportation to school; if feasible. B. Lancaster Elementary maintains a school-wide discipline plan that follows the St. Tammany Parish Handbook on Discipline and Attendance to help students reach their maximum potential. Welcome to STPPS The St. Tammany Parish Public School System is committed to providing a caring and safe environment for learning, a challenging and relevant curriculum, innovative instruction, and solid student achievement. Please see the St. Tammany Parish School Board policy for more information. Because event sponsors require advanced notice, the deadline is strictly enforced. IDs are bar coded and will be used to enter selected exterior school doors, to obtain meals in the cafeteria, and for general identification purposes. Please visit the online application portal to apply for free and reduced lunch. We appreciate your help with this important project. Police notification will be made immediately. 4. All STPSB severe weather guidelines will be adhered to in case of emergency conditions during school hours. Our School Explore our policies, meet our Administrators, and more! Our after care services are available on a full time basis only. Physical bullying includes, but is not limited to shoving, poking, strangling, hair pulling, beating, teasing, kicking, or punching. We will follow the same school calendar as the St. Tammany Parish Schools. Siblings may not attend field trips. 2022-2023 Program of Study - 12th Grade. Learn More School and District News Stay at this 3-star spa hotel in Annecy. Morning-Students who WALK to school in the morningmay enter the back gate Any students who walk to school MUST make prior arrangements with the front office. Excessive noncompliance of not having the ID, will result in disciplinary action. (After Care Phone #: 985-635-1974). You will need to return your visitor pass at the front desk when you leave campus. We ask that birthday invitations be taken care of at home unless the ENTIRE class will be receiving one. Parish policy recommends that a student is fever free for 24 hours before returning to school. The menu is subject to change due to availability of food items. Unless the appointment takes the entire school day, students are expected to attend class both before and after the appointment. students succeed best when it is a team effort between home, school and community. Stay at this 4-star spa hotel in Annecy. Parents and Caregivers - we need your input. We also ask that parents not use their cell phones while chaperoning field trips. Refer to the St. Tammany Parish Handbook on Discipline and Attendance for additional information regarding incidents of bullying. The other guys were great too! Cars may only enter through the Pine Creek Subdivision. Lynda Palao Lynda.Palao@stpsb.org. CLASS HOLIDAY PARTIES: Several holiday parties are held at school. Please check your students progress on JPAMS and contact the teacher and/or counselor by email if there are any concerns. Student Progress Center Home of the Panthers We take PRIDE in our learning; we value P ersistence, R esponsibility, and I ntegrity while celebrating D iversity and striving for E xcellence making us Pitcher Proud. Explore our policies, meet our Administrators, and more! Every Child, Every Day. For the safety of students, adults must use the office restrooms only. in order to receive a printed identification tag. Check out some of the different ways our students are engaged. If the student has an IEP/504 Plan, the parent must inform the Child Care Director of this student plan. sal y vinagre significado de color azul,

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