Swimming Pool Cleaning

Swimming Pool Cleaning Services

Swimming pool cleaning is essential to keeping your pool looking its best. Our swimming pool cleaning services in Charlotte, Waxhaw, Matthews and a few other surrounding areas are performed by some of the best swimming pool cleaning professional in the area. We offer a variety of swimming pool cleaning schedules to suit your needs.

    Here is what is included during a typical swimming pool cleaning visit:

  • Brush and vacuum
  • Skimmer and pump basket cleaning
  • Backwash and inspection of filtration equipment
  • Water chemistry testing
  • Chemical additions and delivery
  • Electronic service completion reports

Swimming pool cleaning vacuumBrushing and Vacuuming

Brushing and vacuuming your pool is an essential part of swimming pool cleaning. We either utilize your built-in system or we use our own portable vacuum system to vacuum your pool. Using the proper brush for each swimming pool dislodges algae, dirt and debris that have built up on the bottom and sides of the pool.


Skimmer and Pump Basket Cleaning

To ensure proper swimming pool filtration, the skimmer and pump baskets will be removed and any debris will be discarded. When clogged, the baskets create excessive strain on your pump system that can lead to more costly repairs. During the fall months we request help from our clients to help keep the skimmer and pump baskets emptied to prevent strain on the system since we are only there typically once a week. Unfortunately in the fall you could clean your baskets two to three times a day.

Backwash and Inspection of Filtration System

Backwashing your filtration system (sand and D.E filters) during regularly scheduled swimming pool cleanings flushes excess dirt and debris from the system. Cartridge filters need to be removed and cleaned periodically as there is no backwash function for a cartridge filter. Gauges located on the filter valve or filter tank tell us when these services need to take place.

Swimming Pool Cleaning Water TestingWater Testing

Our trained professionals test the pool water during each visit to make sure the chemical levels in the pool are within the NSPF standards. It is very important to keep the water chemistry balanced as unbalanced water can lead to a pool turning green, becoming cloudy, or even staining. Maintaining proper chemical levels also prolongs the life of your fiberglass, liner or plaster pool.

Chemical Adjustments and Delivery

A simple water test can be used to determine the chemical levels in your pool. During our technician’s visit to your pool they will use this test in order to determine if any chemical adjustments are needed and will add the proper chemicals accordingly to balance your pool within the NSPF standards. As an added bonus our clients have the option of never worrying about running out of chemicals or figuring out what chemicals they will need. We have you covered with our optional auto on-site delivery and monitoring of swimming pool cleaning chemicals.

Electronic Service Tickets

ProEdge Service


We have specialized software that allows us to keep our clients current with the status of their pool service visit. Our technician arrives to a pool and promptly logs into the application. From there he notes the levels of pool chemicals and any other notes pertaining to the staus of the pool as well as any concerns that may have been found on that particular visit. Once our technician leaves, an email is immediately sent to our client letting them know we were there and what we did for their pool. We strive to keep our clients as informed as possible.

 Customer Portal

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The ProEdge customer portal is used for our clients to access their past service logs. This allows a client to look back and see what was done to their pool at a certain point in time. The customer portal keeps all the service information for our clients to access at their leisure. 

Your Pool is Important to Us

NSPF Certified Pool OperatorWe take the time to document each and every type of equipment each pool has and keep it on file for the client.  This allows for easy diagnostics and troubleshooting if anything were to go wrong at anytime we are not on site. Pictures are also taken of the equipment and the pool which allows us to immediately diagnose a situation with the customer by phone. In most cases this can eliminate a service call to diagnose a problem which in turn allows us to show up with the parts needed to fix the issue(s) the first visit instead of creating two charges.


If you have any questions about the services we offer or would like to schedule swimming pool cleaning service, feel free to chat by phone with a trained pool professional at 704-542-2229 or send us a message.